Aloe Tea

A common herbal remedy and holistic treatment, aloe vera tea has many nutritional benefits when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Aloe vera tea comes from the sap of an aloe plant. This plant grows in warm environments, and can be used to treat many things from sunburn to digestive issues. Be sure to contact your physician before taking any herbal supplements, such as aloe vera tea.Aloe vera tea can be used for many different ailments. The tea can serve as a wash for eyes and wounds, or to treat certain digestive disorders. It is used to treat burns and alleviate the symptoms of over-exposure to the sun by pouring the tea on the affected area. Aloe can also help treat skin conditions such as rashes or insect bites. 


  1. Flavored Tea, Green tea is the best – 1 cup
  2. Fresh aloe vera gel/jelly or concentrate – 1 tsp
  3. Honey – as per taste


  • Brew your favorite flavored tea.
  • Pour it out in a cup.
  • Take one teaspoon of fresh aloe jelly –
  •  You can take the gel out by squeezing a cut leaf of aloe Vera
  • You can also use aloe concentrate if you can’t find fresh gel..
  • Add a teaspoon to one cup and mix thoroughly.
  • Add the desired amount of honey and mix it well
  • Voila! Your healthy and medicinal Aloe tea is ready…..

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